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In an obesity epidemic, many people continue to look for new ways to lose weight and burn fat without having to participate in fad diets or extreme exercise. For those looking for a natural and healthy way to lose weight, green coffee bean extract is increasing in popularity for its long list of benefits and is now considered an effective fat burner. Although most people consume coffee each day for the caffeine benefits, the natural bean is also proven to reduce fat if it’s used before it’s roasted. The supplement is extracted from green coffee beans and contains chlorogenic acid, a substance that is known to quickly promote weight loss due to its function in the body.

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Green coffee beans were first introduced by Dr. Oz in 2012 on television for a product that increased in popularity overnight and was promoted by the doctor to burn fat in a small timeframe. He even conducted a weight loss study on his television show that revealed that green coffee bean extract worked to promote weight loss without extra exercise needed or a change in the diet with just 400 milligrams consumed three times a day.

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Green coffee beans are also known as unroasted coffee beans, which contain caffeine and a number of antioxidants in the polyphenol family. They are seeds that are found in bright red berries from the coffea plant before they are soaked and concentrated to create the extract that can be consumed. The beans promote weight loss before they are roasted because most of the chlorogenic acid is destroyed once it is heated. Although research is still being performed on the effect that chlorogenic acid has on the body, it is believed to alter how the body handles blood sugar and the function of the metabolism by triggering a boost in energy and working to burn fat. It can also block fat accumulation, alter carb absorption, and improve blood sugar levels after meals are consumed.

Green coffee bean extract is increasing in popularity due to the lack of diet and exercise that is needed for it to shed excess weight naturally. Many people who take the supplement are able to lose up to a pound each week. A study in India even revealed that those who took the supplement for 22 weeks lost an average of 18 pounds.

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When shopping around for the right coffee green extract to purchase at health food stores, it’s important to use a brand that states that the supplement contains at least 45 percent of chlorogenic acid. The label should also list Svetol or GCA on the packaging. The product should not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients, which can affect the overall results and benefits.