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Green coffee beans are the unroasted version of coffee beans. Since they are unroasted, they contain more chlorogenic acid, a chemical found in coffee beans that has been found to have several health benefits. By soaking and concentrating these beans, the easy to take extract is created. Studies suggest that by adding Green Coffee Bean Extract into your diet you can improve your overall health in several ways.

green coffee bean extract


One of the biggest and most well-known benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract is its ability to burn fat without diet or exercise. The chlorogenic acid found in this extract has been found to boost weight loss by regulating different functions in the body. One of these ways is by controlling blood sugar levels after you have a meal, which is when blood sugar levels typically rise. The higher blood sugar rises, the more it triggers the body to start storing food as fat. Blood sugar levels also can make people feel as though they have “crashed” when they drop back down. By taking Green Coffee Bean Extract prior to eating, blood sugar levels stay more normal and the body does not go into fat storing mode. Appetite is also suppressed when blood sugar levels remain constant and mood swings are lessened.

Another important way Green Coffee Bean Extract boosts weight loss is its ability to release fat burning enzymes. When these enzymes are released they help the cells in the body release stored fat. In addition to fat burning enzymes, other enzymes that control insulin levels are released which also contributes to the body putting less away as fat.

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While all this seems like a lot for one supplement to help shed pounds, there is still more. If taken before eating, Green Coffee Bean Extract decreases the absorption of sugars after a meal. When less sugar is absorbed the body takes in less calories and stores less as food as fat. In addition to weight loss, controlling sugars can also help prevent type 2 diabetes.

On top of weight loss, Green Coffee Bean Extract can have other potential health benefits. Research has shown that this supplement can help reduce hypertension by lowering high blood pressure. It also can have a positive effect on blood vessels and improve heart health. Finally, chlorogenic acid works as an antioxidant to help eliminate free radicals in the body.

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For the best results, the extract should be taken 30 minutes prior to a meal. This will give the extract time to be in the body when food arrives and it can do its job. For three meals a day, divide the daily does by three and take prior to eating for maximum benefits. It does not taste anything like coffee, and is suitable for non-coffee drinkers. Adding diet and exercise can help speed up weight loss results, but they are not required to receive the benefits of green coffee bean extract.

With so many fantastic benefits, adding Green Coffee Bean Extract to your diet can shed those unwanted pounds, increase your energy, and make you an overall healthier person. Always check your supplements label for dosages and ingredients to get the best and safest effects.